Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Results are In: Top Sirloin vs Ribeye

This wasn't even a contest. Top Sirloin is a very different cut that just doesn't seem to have the same raw capacity to soak up a marinade in the way that a good ribeye will. Overall, this steak was kinda dry and forgettable. I could only get hints of the luscious Mesquite marinade and once again had to supplement with steak sauce. Dissapointing. Not bad mind you, just nothing special. It might be better to pan fry this cut later in the winter months, perhaps in worchester sauce (no way I spelled that right). That style of prepartion might be more conducive to the makeup of this particular slice. (4/10)

Moral of the Story: Not all cuts are created equal. They have different roles that must be respected!

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